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About Us

NEMUS Bioscience Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing new chemical entities from a class of chemically diverse compounds called cannabinoids. These molecules display pleiotropic activity by virtue of selectively binding to two types of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors) located throughout multiple organ systems in the body. NEMUS Bioscience Inc. is developing novel and proprietary classes of product candidates that are designed to improve therapeutic options through enhanced chemical engineering that allow drug candidates to have more predictable bioavailability and pharmacokinetics leading to optimized efficacy and safety.

NEMUS Bioscience Inc., a Nevada corporation is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and trading under the symbol NMUS.


To offer physicians and patients the medical benefits of “condition-specific” cannabinoids to alleviate symptoms associated with a range of diseases.


To become a leading developer of cannabinoid-based therapeutics to address unmet medical needs on a global basis.

WHY NEMUS Bioscience Inc.

  • Building a proprietary product pipeline focusing on the spectrum from extraction processes to molecular design and unique methods of cannabinoid drug delivery to address medical needs in multi-billion dollar global market opportunities.

  • NEMUS Bioscience Inc. is currently the only partner of the University of Mississippi for the development and commercialization of these botanically-derived cannabinoid drugs.

  • The University of Mississippi is currently the only US entity authorized by the Federal government to cultivate cannabis on behalf of the Federal Government and also holds a DEA registration to conduct cannabinoid-based molecular research.

The University has more than 45 years of intellectual capital in the chemistry and physiology of cannabinoid molecules making the the team one the top recognized leaders in the science of cannabinoid-based therapeutics.

  • NEMUS Bioscience Inc.’s strategy is not limited to the sole use of either natural or synthetic inputs.

  • NEMUS Bioscience Inc. has a management team with proven pharmaceutical and biotech development experience on a global scale.

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